In June 2016, NPHD LTD and CHAI signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to partner in the implementation of 2 Cycles of shop-to-shop peer detailing of all registered patent and proprietary medicine vendors (PPMVs) and to support integrated supportive supervision (ISS) of all the health facilities in Niger State. NPHD gave logistic support to both programs.

Training was conducted for peer mentors, pharmacists and the State ISS team.


Field activities for ISS took place in 2 Cycles and 3 Cycles for Peer detailing of PPMVs. In the first cycle, the data of all registered PPMVs, and all the health facilities in the 25 LGAs were captured into a specified database tool. The process assisted in identifying non-functional public health facilities and PPMV shops that were closed. The third Cycle of PPMV was carried out on 5 low performing LGAs.

At the end of the first Cycle, a total number of 3330 PPMV shops were detailed and 1241 health facilities and 1241 health care workers were captured in a database while in the 2nd Cycle, 3149 PPMV shops were detailed, 1213 health facilities and 3,519 health workers were captured. 754 PPMV shops were detailed in low five performing LGAs.

The MOA was successfully executed and in time. The exercise provided a platform to build the capacity of peer detailers, pharmacists and health facility workers through on the job training.


This evaluation provided the evidence to engage policy makers and health managers, service providers and other development partners in a constructive way for the desired change in policy and practice:

  • Policy change included the revision of the State ISS tools agreement to feedback its key findings for discussion by health managers at the regular quarterly health sector review meetings and to include the ISS into the State government budget

Change in practice included the training and mentoring of PHC service providers based on gaps identified and introducing measures that would improve facility infrastructure for the provision of water and sanitation services in PHC centres.