UNITED Project (2012-2019)

NPHD was contracted by HPI to provide project support for the in-country activities of HPI in the health systems strengthening work-stream of the about £13m DFID funded UNITED programme.

The NPHD project support activities included: Contracting and management of short-term national consultants, in respect of specific terms of response. Management of the HSS work-stream long-term staff, management of HPI budget for field activities through NPHD’s robust financial management system as well as its sound administrative procedures on the behalf of HPI. Logistic support included assistance to organize program workshops including payment of workshop participants in line with program guidelines.

Phase 1 of the project which ended in mid-2017 was extended by DFID to 2019. NPHD’s management and logistic support for HPI has continued. This has resulted in stronger and a more cordial relationship between NPHD and HPI to explore other opportunities in Nigeria. NPHD is therefore partnering with HPI to bid for the DFID funded SuMaP2 project which is expected to commence in 2018.