Across seven competencies, we support our partners to achieve tangible development outcomes.

Policy Advocacy

We support development interventions with robust strategies that guarantee policy uptake and implementation.


Institutional Analysis and Strengthening

Our years of experience offer us an in-depth understanding of the core and related development systems and institutions and their gaps, and challenges. This knowledge enables us to support our clients with landscape analysis and assessments, including system strengthening.

Programme Management

Our bespoke programme design and delivery protocols allow our clients to deliver projects on time, within budget and scope. This is driven by our unrivaled knowledge of the communities we serve.

Health Systems Research and Evaluation

Our background is in public health research, where we leverage research to extract evidence for the interventions we propose

Capacity Building for Policymakers and middle-level Managers

We offer strategic competency acquisition programmes and training to equip policymakers and middle-level managers with the skills they require to deliver on their role actionables.

Leadership and Governance

We design and strengthen government and private institutions with corporate governance and fiscal structures that ensure they can deliver on their mandate.

Humanitarian Services

NPHD designs and deploys support programmes targeted at vulnerable populations and communities, especially in conflict-affected, sensitive locations and emergencies.


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